Othmar Schoeck's Lebendig Begraben (1927), performed at the Chapel of Brompton Cemetery for the London Month of the Dead 2015.

Baritone: Oskar McCarthy / Piano: Rob Keeley

Video editing - Top Notch Production  / Translation - Martin Stock

Oskar plays the role of Robert Schumann in Duet, an actor-musician play with music, filmed at Wilton's Music Hall November 2016.

Cast: Olivia Clarke | Eloise Irving | Oskar McCarthy | Roderick Morris  

Full details about the project at Re: Sound Music Theatre's website.

Project Opera concert, June 2014.
Piano: Angela Pascale / Bass: Ian Wilson-Pope.

Minuet from Hampstead Garden Opera's 2013 production of Mansfield Park, directed by Bruno Ravella.

Mary Crawford: Laura Pooley / Fanny Price: Sarah Denbee / Henry Crawford: Tom Dupernex.

Trailer for ERRATICA's Triptych, directed by Patrick Eakin Young. Full version available to view here.

Highlights from ERRATICA and The Coveryard's Xmas Concert 2014

ERRATICA's La Celestina

Written and directed by Patrick Eakin Young. Shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, New York. Composed by Matt Rogers.

Featuring the Voices of:
Catherine Carter, Victoria Couper, Magid el Bushra, Robert Gildon, James Halliday, Edmund Hastings, Oskar McCarthy, Kate Symonds-Joy, Nicholas Scott, Callie Swarbrick